A windowsill with pampas grass in a tall vase, candles and a glowing selenite crystal lamp

7 Steps to Create Your Perfect Boho Hygge Retreat This Autumn

Autumn’s here! Are you ready for cosy season?

So, the summer's over, you're back at work/school/uni, the leaves are starting to turn golden and the shops are full of Halloween decor!

Autumn is my second favourite time of year (after Spring). I think I'm most drawn to the transitional times of year when you can't avoid the sense that life, like the seasons, is cyclical. These cycles bring opportunities to look inwards at what seeds you need to plant, where you can reap the benefits of earlier hard work or even what dead wood you’d benefit from cutting from your life.

Hygge vibes with a boho girl cosy on the sofa with a cup of cocoa and a cat snuggled up

Autumn is both an abundant time of year when crops are harvested and also a time to take stock. It's also an ideal time of year to create a perfectly cosy indoor sanctuary to retreat to when temperatures drop and the night's draw in. A space filled with all those homely delights that make you feel warm and snug whatever the weather. A home that captures the spirit of Hygge!


What on earth does Hygge mean?

OK, so I’m expecting you’ve come across this word by now, but it’s worth a quick recap! Hygge, pronounced "hoo-gah" is the Danish word for the quality of cosiness - a feeling of warmth, comfort and safety. Visit Denmark suggests that “hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

Hygge boho vibe lounge with blankets, cushions and sheepskins

Can you think of anything more quintessentially Autumnal than warm cosy vibes with the people you love?!

Me neither, which is why I've pulled together my essentials for capturing everything boho, hygge and autumnal, all in one list so you can prepare for cosy season and create the perfect home sanctuary.


7 Steps to Create Your Perfect Boho Hygge Retreat This Autumn


1. Candles & Incense - Gentle glowing light coupled with soothing scents to evoke memories of home

Candles and incense don't need to be restricted to the darker months of the year, but they sure do come into their own when the nights draw in! 

Smell is a powerful sense, which can evoke memories and feelings that invite calm and make you feel safe.

A lady meditates by candlelight

There's also something reassuring about the flickering light and soft glow emitted by candles, which seems very deeply ingrained in us all and can probably be traced back to the pre-electricity era. Given the current energy crisis, lighting a few candles instead of turning on your lights seems like a very sensible choice this Autumn. 

Candle and Palo Santo with a vase of lavender in a wooden room

My top picks from the Rock + Realm candle and incense collection to create an autumnal retreat vibe are those with natural woody fresh and earthy scents like The Escape Collection aromatherapy candles or Herb & Earth Lavender scented incense.

The rich citrus woody scent of Palo Santo is also especially lovely at this time of year and has the added benefit of energetically cleansing your home. This energetic cleanse is perfect during transitional times of year like the changing of the seasons or moon cycles, to clear out the old and make space for the new.

Buddha head decor next to a glowing Himalayan salt lamp

And who can resist the soft amber glow emitted from a Himalayan Salt Candleholder for perfect lowkey hygge lighting? Himalayan Salt also purifies your air and removes toxins, so it's decor that provides wellbeing benefits as well as being the perfect autumn accessory. 

The gentle glow of Himalayan Salt lights make a romantic addition to your bedroom, a calming influence in your home office or workout space and a soothing light to bathe by. 

Wellbeing Tip - Using candles and crystal lamps in the evening will benefit your sleep patterns, as the ambient light aids winding down before bed.


2. Inspirational Artwork - Cover your walls with autumnal boho style and colour

Your walls are the largest space you have available to decorate, so a small seasonal tweak or nod to a trend can make a big impact. Adding framed artwork, posters or wall hangings to a room is a great way to inject your personality and make the overall feel of the space cohesive.

A bedroom with 3 geometric boho style artworks on the wall

Katie McArthur, owner of Skudaboo, an online independent shop dedicated to bohemian inspired and eclectic wall art and home decor, says

Keep growing picture with yellow flowers against a sage green background
"I would recommend either an inspirational quote print to keep you motivated, print bundles to make a statement on a budget, or a simple but stylish boho rainbow to evokes a warm and relaxed feeling in your home."

Add a year-round floral feel with Skudaboo's lovely Flower Market posters. Their vibrant colours and mix of ditsy or large scale patterns are sure to make an impact and add a vintage boho vibe to your home.
Boho macrame rainbow decor and hanging plants


Art isn't just pictures!

Macramé is the ultimate Boho statement piece and adds a lot of interest and colour to your walls when hung alongside your other artwork. It's really versatile and you can incorporate it into your home in a number of ways, including plant hangers, coasters, wall art and bunting. 

Macramé uses a multitude of knotting techniques to create intricate designs that were really popular in 60s & 70s boho decor. It's also a sustainable art form that uses natural raw materials like jute and twine, adding texture and eco credentials to your gallery wall. 

I love Studio Dawn for colourful and eco-conscious creations like those pictured.

Wellbeing Tip - By consciously curating artwork that energises and inspires you, you can create a space that positively impacts your sense of wellbeing everyday.


3. Houseplants - Bring nature indoors to ground your senses

Time spent in nature is such a grounding experience and a brisk walk through a forest in autumn is something truly special. The crunch of amber leaves underfoot, the smell of damp earth and pine and the crisp air filling your lungs… aaaaah, bliss! 

Collection of assorted houseplants in terracotta pots

However, during Autumn and Winter the darker evenings and inclement weather mean getting out for your regular dose of Mother Nature can become increasingly difficult. And that’s where houseplants come into their own, boosting your mood, sense of connection to nature and, of course, brightening the aesthetic of your home too! Especially when displayed in clusters of different heights and textures or hung in a cool boho macrame plant hanger.

And ‘bringing the outdoors in’ can improve your wellbeing in more ways than one, because plants naturally improve the air quality of your home.

Wellbeing Tip - Try these five houseplants for their cool looks and air purifying benefits - Boston Ferns, Ficus, Spider Plants, Rubber Plants and Snake Plants.


4. Crystals - Add texture and positive energetic vibrations

Large clear quartz geode crystal displayed on a brass stand on a bedside tableAs a purveyor of fine crystals, of course I couldn’t make a list without adding crystals to it! Any home decor scheme benefits from a mix of textures and natural elements, which is why a room looks instantly better with a few pot plants added. For me, crystals have the same immediate visual and energetic benefit to a home. 

To answer the exam question of which crystals are best for an autumnal boho hygge vibe, I think you need to consider it from two angles. Which crystals work best aesthetically and which crystals work best energetically.

Best crystals for a boho hygge aesthetic…

My number one recommendation for a boho aesthetic is a Desert Rose Cluster to add texture and make a big impact as a coffee table or display crystal. Geodes, like clusters, diffuse their energy around your room with their many points and sparkle when the light hits them.

Secondly, I’d recommend Petrified Wood Slices to add an autumnal woodland feel and grounding energy to your room.

Petrified wood slices in a silver moon dish

Petrified wood isn't a crystal, it's actually a fossil that forms when plant material is buried by sediment and protected from decay due to oxygen and organisms. Groundwater rich in dissolved solids flows through the sediment replacing the original plant material with silica, calcite, pyrite or other inorganic material.

The result is a fossil of the original woody material that exhibits preserved details of the bark, wood and cellular structures... how cool is that?!

Petrified wood branch slices are also very cute, affordable and look perfect in a small trinket dish alongside other grounding crystals like Moss Agate, Moonstone and Smoky Quartz tumblestones.  

Thirdly, I love Howlite for it’s monochrome marble patterns and calming energy.

A glass star bowl full of white marbled coloured Howlite spheresWhether you choose a sphere, tower or tumblestone, it will fit right into your Boho home decor scheme.

These Howlite spheres will suit any decor with their neutral monochrome marbling. Crystal spheres emit their beneficial energetic vibrations in all directions making them the perfect addition to your home decor to turn your home into a sanctuary and help improve your sense of wellbeing.

Howlite is perfect to settle an overactive mind, helping you find calm and order your thoughts. Its soothing energy is also useful if you are always on the go and never make time for yourself to relax.

Best crystals for a cosy autumnal vibe…

When I think of cosy autumn vibes, I think of calming, grounding and warming energy to capture that feeling you get settling in front of a crackling open fire after a long countryside walk. A sense of safety and connection where your mind and body become still and you can forget about your worries.

Smoky Quartz Crystal Sphere and Tower glow in the late sunshine on a hardback bookCrystals that represent and evoke that lovely autumnal energy for me are Smoky Quartz, Orange Calcite and Moss Agate.

All of these crystals will ground you to Earth’s energy making you feel safe and emotionally balanced.

Smoky quartz is great for repelling negative thoughts and it's beautiful coffee tones will sit well in a neutral boho decor scheme. 

Moss Agate crystal gives you a strong connection to nature, refreshing you senses and boosting your wellbeing. It also helps you when your life has lost direction and you don’t know where to turn, guiding you back on the path to your life's purpose.

Aragonite crystal clusters displayed in front of golden pyrite

Aragonite will give you an inner glow and feeling of contentment in yourself and your situation. Its cool Sputnik shape and warming burnt ember colour mean it ticks the boho aesthetic box too, making it my top recommendation for best autumnal boho hygge crystal!



5. Sheepskins, Cosy Cushions & Blankets - Add warmth, texture and oodles of snuggliness 

Cosy white cushions behind a green palm leaf in the foreground

No hygge retreat is complete without these autumn home decor staples. Their presence in your Living Room or Bedroom signal the changing of the seasons as much as the leaves falling from the trees.

Cosy boho sheepskin cushions

I must confess, I have a bit of a cushion addiction to the extent it can be difficult finding space to sit on my sofa! My husband applied a ‘one in, one out’ cushion policy in an attempt to curb this obsession. I think over the years I’ve won him round and having gone from a cushion-free bachelor pad, he often steals the biggest smooshiest cushion on our bed now.

My love for cushions is equalled by my year-round love of blankets! Lovely soft lambs wool or faux fur Game of Throne style mega blankets, both have a home on my sofas. They are also a guaranteed method for securing a doggy cuddle, as Rocket will leap onto your lap before you have a chance to fully cover your own legs.

Sheepskins are also a super versatile way to add warmth and texture to your hygge home sanctuary. Don't just restrict sheepskins rugs to the floor though! They are also super cosy to sit on and look fab draped casually over the back of a sofa or armchair to give that relaxed boho feel that is incredibly inviting.


6. Hygge crafting hobbies - Settle down with a mug of hot chocolate and your knitting on your lap

Most of us aren't lucky enough to have an open fire in our homes, but that shouldn't stop us settling under our blankets in our favourite seat with a warm mug of something tasty and a crafting project on our lap.

Lady knitting by an open fire

Wellbeing Tip - Knitting, drawing or macrame are perfect autumnal crafting hobbies that help us achieve a state of flow and calm our inner thoughts through anchoring us in the present moment.

Cattitude Knitting Project Bag by Eleanor Shadow

If you're already a keen knitter, then you'll love the hand dyed eco-wool and yarn at Eleanor Shadow, a lovely shop specialising in handcrafted yarns & knitting accessories. Why not treat yourself to this Cattitude Project bag as a cute way to store all your crafting bits and bobs like wool!

Leanor, the founder of Eleanor Shadow, says "I am a firm advocate of having a hobby to cope with stress and deal with mental health issues (something that uni students often need help with at this time of year). I believe having a hobby such as crochet or knitting is great for stress management - plus, if you form a group, it becomes a social hub of sorts.

Beige wool ball with wooden knitting needles and a warm mug of tea

Studio Dawn is home to Mindful Macrame Kits that inspire you to find mindfulness through the magic of macrame. Designed to not only teach you a craft, but to show you how time with yourself is so important. I particularly love the cute DIY Macrame Heart kit for whiling away some hours cosied up on the sofa creating your own boho decor... how hygge is that, the Danes would be so proud!

A rose quartz pink DIY macrame heart wall hanger with macrame cord and scissors in a flatly

Chelsie of Studio Dawn says "I found macrame almost accidentally, during lockdown it kept my hands busy and allowed me to focus all my energy in one place. It did the one thing I’d needed for so long: it allowed me to enjoy the seconds slowly, each one at a time, tuning out the things that made me anxious.  

Once I’d started I couldn’t stop. I loved the space macrame took me to; it became meditative. I could come into a magical space that let me feel productive and creative. It was something that allowed me to live that mindful day-to-day life I’d been wanting for so long."


7. Seasonal Skin Saviours - Treat yourself to skin that glows like a boho goddess

To create the perfect cosy feeling this Autumn, you need to look beyond your hygge home decor and show your skin some seasonal self love too.

A smiling girl puts canvas cream cleanser on her faceYour skin gets blasted by central heating, cold outdoor temperatures and biting winds during Autumn and Winter. So, if you don’t have a skin regime already, now’s a great time to start one. Your skin will thank you. 

I asked natural & vegan skincare expert and founder of Wild Rising Skincare Danielle Cooke what she'd recommend.

"Start with a natural cleanser that not only cleanses without stripping your natural oils, but also intensely moisturises your skin by restoring its health, cleans the dirt from your pores and makes it brighter in the process. Canvas organic moisturising cream cleanser is made from a blend of emollient rich natural butters like Shea & Cocoa and deep natural cleansers like Soap Bark Extract. So rather than leaving you with tight and dehydrated skin, Canvas will have you ditching all your moisture stripping cleansers.

Wild Rising Super Seed oil bottles

 Follow this natural cleanse with a power house multi-vitamin for the skin, Super Seed face oil will have you saying bye bye to acne breakouts, screaming hallelujah to awakened skin and amen to controlling any oil production from late nights. Made from organic hemp seed oil, this face oil is practically a superfood cuddle.  

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

To complete this seasonal ritual why not create a true skincare retreat by relieving your tensions and de-puffing your stressed skin in the process. After applying the Super Seed face oil, simply massage the stress away using a rose quartz gua sha tool.

A gua sha stimulates the dermis to support collagen and elastin production and releases tension to relax your facial muscles. Studies have shown it to increase circulation and aids lymphatic flow; release congestion and soothe sore eyes and skin, brighten your complexion and leave you with a radiant glow, ummm yes please!"


Boho essentials to create your perfect autumnal hygge sanctuary

Boosting your mood through mindful activities, self care and improving your environment is the key to maintaining your wellbeing through Autumn and Winter.

Girl sits in a cosy pile of sheepskin rugs with a book and mug of cocoa

Sprucing up your decor and wellbeing practices seasonally is also a great opportunity to reset, rejuvenate and find an oasis of calm in your busy life. And taking the time to honour and enjoy an Autumnal reboot can help you adjust better, mentally and physically, to one of the trickiest seasonal transitions.

I hope you have taken some inspiration from my favourite ways to create a hygge vibe during cosy season and you’ll introduce some of these cool boho essentials into your home and life.  

If you're looking for more inspiration or are ready to start feathering your nest for Autumn, then check out our Autumn Hygge Crystal, Decor and Self Care Essentials collection and start getting cosy!

Loved our article on creating your own boho hygge autumn retreat?

💬 If you have other Autumnal rituals to capture the essence of coziness or keep spirits high in the colder months, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

📌 Lovely Small Businesses featured in our blog

Skukaboo - A collection of beautiful and unique wall art and homeware, from artists around the world, perfect for those who love Bohemian-inspired and eclectic home decor.

Eleanor Shadow - A lovely online shop based in Edinburgh that specialises in locally sourced and beautifully hand dyed yarns, fibres & knitting accessories, with plastic free and recyclable packing.

Rock + Realm - An online boutique lifestyle shop that specialises in ethically sourced crystals, handcrafted home decor and holistic wellbeing supplies, with Mother Earth & sustainability at the heart of their values.

Studio Dawn - Mindful macrame home decor, plant hangers and craft kits made with 100% recycled cotton cord and packed with planet-friendly, eco conscious packaging.

Wild Rising Skincare - A natural, organic and vegan skincare brand that promotes empowerment for all and the tremendous healing power of plants for the mind, body and skin.


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Seven Steps to create your perfect boho byte retreat this autumn 7 Steps to create a boho hygge retreat this autumn

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