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Mindfully sourced products that do good

Rock + Realm’s mission is to help you find that elusive sense of inner peace and a spiritual balance in your life. But, for us, it goes beyond individual wellbeing.

Every Rock + Realm product meets our high ethical standards. We believe we are all collectively responsible for making a difference to nature, to the environment, to communities and to independent businesses. So each part of Rock + Realm seeks to do just that. 

Our crystals, jewellery and gifts are sourced mindfully and sustainably. Everything from our macrame, to our incense, to our aromatherapy mist, has been researched and chosen for their ethical status. Rock + Realm only works with responsible small businesses which align with our values.

Awakening your authentic spiritual self, in a conscious and sustainably way. 

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How it all started

Meet Laura, founder of Rock + Realm

Like most of us, Laura fits into many realms.

At her core, she is a spiritually aligned person who deeply values meditation and the power of crystals. She loves to decorate her home with meaningful, beloved items and to mindfully wear crystal jewellery each day. 

It was a joyful trip to Bulgaria in 2019 when a friend reintroduced Laura to the magic of crystals. She felt an immediate connection. From that point Laura introduced a range of spiritual rituals into her life, feeling supported and energised by each one.

Laura also thrives in the corporate realm. Her spiritual core and passion for mindful wellbeing is one of the reasons she is so successful. Day- to-day, Laura knows the stressful ups and downs of working for a large company. Her busy, ambitious day job means she passionately prioritises ways to rebalance herself and shares her wisdom with those around her. 

Aromatherapy, journaling, spending time in nature, as well as meditation, mindfulness and using crystals all empower and support Laura to be her best self. 

Her personal connection to the spiritual realm and desire to empower others is what inspired Laura to create Rock + Realm. Knowing first-hand the impact ancient wisdom can have on addressing modern day challenges, she wants to make it easily accessible to people all over the UK. 

Spiritual support, accessible to all 

Making a difference to you, and to your wellbeing

Laura knows how leaning into the spiritual realm can enrich everyone’s lives. So, it’s her mission to make ancient wisdom and spirituality accessible to all of us. 

By using spiritual rituals and remedies, you’ll quickly develop mindful practices that support you every day to be your most authentic and balanced self. 

Use scent in aromatherapy and incense to ground yourself, use gentle movement to bring you back to your body, use journaling to connect with your emotions and use crystals for energy and self-discovery. 

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  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    Each purchase is a beautifully- wrapped gift to yourself. We mindfully package everything in sustainable, reused or recyclable materials.

  • Responsibly Mined

    Harnessing the power of crystals starts with the moment they’re mined, so we only work with responsible processers. 

  • Supporting Independents

    Our home décor products and spiritual wellness items are carefully sourced from other ethical and sustainable small businesses.

  • Nature at our Heart

    Mother Nature is at the heart of what we do and so we plant 1 mangrove tree for every item bought to offset our ecological impact.

  • Community Minded

    As a member of Feel Good Norfolk, we actively advocate wellbeing products & services to help our Norfolk Community to flourish

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A spiritual Norfolk small business

We are all connected

There’s nowhere like Norfolk. 

While Rock + Realm is a successful online business, shipping all over the world, we cherish our local communities and truly love the nature of Norfolk. While living in the creative and bustling city of Norwich, Laura takes herself as often as possible to the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

Inhaling the scents of the peaceful pine forests, trailing through wide green fields, and listening to the waves at one of Norfolk’s many beaches are among Laura’s favourite things to do. 

You’ll find Rock + Realm at markets all over Norfolk where we love to connect with our customers and small business colleagues. Follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list for our market locations and dates, we’d love to see you in person.

Giving back to the Norfolk community is deeply important to Laura, which is why she is a volunteer Non-Executive Director of Feel Good Norfolk. Feel Good Norfolk is a non-profit that seeks to improve people's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing with easily accessible tools, techniques, products and services. If you’re a Norfolk resident, find out more about Feel Good Norfolk here