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Rock + Realm is an ethical British High Vibe Lifestyle Shop offering delightful wellbeing products to bring beautyharmony and wonder into your life! 

We offer only the finest crystals, jewellery + home decor, all mindfully sourced from around the world to help you create your high vibe lifestyle with a clear conscience.

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Crystal of the Month - Smoky Quartz

Protection  |  Grounding  |  Calm

Dark crystals are very protective and grounding. Connecting with your root chakra they work to increase your sense of security and connect you with the earth.

Smoky Quartz makes a fantastic protective talisman because it absorbs negativity and instils an inner calm and strength.

  • Rock and Realm ethically sourced crystals Brazilian smoky Quartz towers

    Mindfully Sourced Crystals

    With their colourful looks & interesting textures, crystals are a beautiful way to add extra depth and interest to your home decor. Browse our luxury, popular and rare crystals & minerals to find your perfect crystal.

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  • Rock and realm blue and white ceramic dishes handcrafted in Norwich, Norfolk

    Handcrafted Home Decor

    Crystals & hand crafted home decor add warmth & positive energy to turn your home into a sanctuary. Raise the energetic vibrations of your home with our handcrafted ceramics, macrame, incense & beautifully scented crystal candles.

    Browse our Home Decor 
  • Bright Green Healing jade bead bracelets in a brass dish with Palo Santo

    Healing Crystal Jewellery

    Express your true spirit with our Semi-precious stones and 24ct Gold or Silver plated rings, bracelets & necklaces. Or why not adorn yourself with your favourite crystal energies with our beautiful healing crystal bead bracelets!

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Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration

Healing Crystal Showstoppers

Give a gift too beautiful to open!

BirthdaysMother’s Day, AnniversariesWeddings, New Parents... there's lots of reasons to treat your loved ones to an extra thoughtful gift.

And after you've spent time and effort selecting the perfect gift; you'll want to wow that someone special when they finally open it.

We'll bend over backwards to help you find the right gifts and we'll even wrap your gifts for you.

Explore our gifting service to see how we can add a touch of magic and wonder to your next special occasion .

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