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Selenite Crystal Sticks - Long

Selenite Crystal Sticks - Long

Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration, which promotes super-consciousness. It encourages us forward in life, continually promoting us to become the blissful and vibrant individual we are capable of becoming.

Selenite is a must have crystal for your collection, useful for cleansing you, your home and other crystals. Use this Selenite stick to cleanse and uplift your living space or it is ideal placed at the entry and exit to your home or bedroom to encourage positive energy into your life. 

Long Selenite sticks are narrow and around 4 inches long - they are more slender than our chunky Selenite Wands (see photos for reference)

Crystal chakra alignment - 

Selenite crystal aligns with your crown chakra to aid spiritual connection. Using it during meditation will help you achieve a meditative state more quickly and when place upright on your chest will aid alignment of all seven chakras.

Selenite long sticks are also ideal for cleansing your aura or environment due to their shape directing energy flow. 

R+R recommends Selenite Crystal Sticks For

  • Spiritual Practitioners: Ideal for those who engage regularly in meditation, yoga, energy healing or chakra balancing practices
  • Energy Sensitive Individuals: Perfect for those who are sensitive to other people's emotions or environmental energies, providing a means to cleanse and protect your personal space
  • Homeowners: A great addition for anyone looking to maintain a positive and harmonious living environment - makes a great housewarming gift to cleanse a new space
  • Crystal Enthusiasts: An essential piece for any crystal collection, offering versatile uses and powerful cleansing properties for the rest of your collection

How to Use Your Long Selenite Sticks

  1. Cleansing Your Space: Place the selenite sticks at the entry and exit points of your home or bedroom to encourage positive energy flow - try placing them on your door lintels
  2. Aura Cleansing: Use the wand shape to direct energy flow and cleanse your aura, removing any low vibration energy
  3. Meditation: Incorporate selenite into your meditation routine to enhance spiritual connection and aid in achieving a deeper meditative state
  4. Chakra Alignment: Place the selenite stick upright on your chest during meditation to help align all seven chakras

Enhance your spiritual practices and cleanse your space with our Long Selenite Sticks, designed to elevate your energy and promote a harmonious environment.

Browse our selection of cleansing and protecting crystals and spiritual tools to find the perfect additions to your collection.

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4 inch Selenite Crystal Wands mined and hand polished from Morocco.

RESPONSIBLY SOURCED: Our Selenite comes from CONFLICT-FREE Moroccan mines that utilise methods that leave a nearly 0 carbon footprint in the process. Our trusted wholesalers have personally toured the village/family owned mines and determined that working conditions are excellent for the adult miners and polishing staff involved in producing these powerful crystal wands.

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