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Mindfully sourced products that do good

Rock + Realm exists to help you find peaceful, spiritual balance in your life. But, for me, it goes beyond individual wellbeing. 

Every Rock + Realm product meets my high ethical standards. I believe we are all responsible for making a difference to nature, to the environment, to communities and to independent businesses. So, each part of Rock + Realm seeks to do just that. 

The crystals, jewellery and gifts are sourced mindfully and sustainably. Everything from the macrame, to the incense, to the crystals, has been researched and chosen for their ethical status. 

Rock + Realm only works with responsible small UK businesses which align with my values.

Awakening your authentic spiritual self, in a conscious and sustainably way. 

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Woes

Meet Laura, founder of Rock + Realm

I have leant on my spirituality throughout my life. It gives me strength and sanctuary, and I want to bring that spiritual solace to everyone.

Since I was young, I have used aromatherapy, yoga, and time spent in nature to uplift me in my daily routine. But, as my knowledge of spiritual practice has developed, I have incorporated different elements to enrich every part of my busy life. 

In fact, I now have a whole toolkit of spiritual strategies to heal, support, and awaken my true self. Over time, I’ve learned exactly what I need and when, but it wasn’t always that way. 

Like many people, I’ve experienced the impact of not supporting all aspects of my mind, body and spirit. From breakdowns to chronic pain, my path has had obstacles such as mental health challenges and physical health problems. We are not built for this overwhelming 'always on' modern world and can learn much from ancient knowledge and rituals. When we are able, connecting with all aspects of ourselves spiritually is both healing and nurturing. 

Once I included mindful self care practices and spiritual rituals into my daily routines my personal wellbeing improved immensely. And, I want to make spiritual wellness easily accessible to people all over the UK, so everyone can benefit like I have. 

This is exactly what inspired me to create Rock + Realm. As I journey to reconnect with my authentic spiritual self, I want to pass that wisdom onwards to you.

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Rock + Realm's Mission

Spirituality to support wellbeing for everyone

My experience of having poor health and, later, better wellbeing, have shown me how leaning into the spiritual world can enrich everyone’s lives. So, it’s my mission to make spirituality accessible to all of us. 

Rock + Realm exists to bring spiritual wellbeing products and rituals to everyone. 

The simple fact is a natural, spiritual, more authentic life is open to every person. It’s about having the right tools at the right time to support your way of life.

It’s tapping into ancient wisdom for our modern woes.

We are all connected: to nature, to each other, to the universe. Gently, and without barriers, Rock + Realm allows you to explore your connection, your spiritual self, your relationship with nature.

It’s all to discover your authentic self and to enrich your wellbeing. 

Spiritual support, every day

Making a difference to you, and to your wellbeing

I personally benefit from many spiritual products and practices. There is a huge difference to my wellbeing when I incorporate these rituals into my everyday life. 

Perhaps the most significant impact for me comes from crystals. 

I start each day by choosing a specific piece of crystal jewellery with an intention in mind. That may be to inspire optimism, or protect me from negative thoughts, or to help me focus, or to invite abundance into my day.

Beyond wearing crystals, they are also in my home. They improve my home environment, they anchor my intentions, they encourage spiritual thinking, they connect me with nature, and remind me I am supported. 

While crystals are only one part of my spiritual toolkit, whenever I engage with another ritual, like the ones below, I always have a crystal with me to deepen my focus and to draw on its energy. 

Support your mind, body and spirit

Mindful Self Care Practices & Spiritual Rituals

Aromatherapy, essential oils and ritual cleansing baths

To ease stress, to uplift the mood, to aid focus, and to honour the turning of the seasonal wheel

Meditation, mindfulness and holotropic breathwork

To calm my mind, to connect with the present, to enable deep inner reflection and enlightenment

Tracking moon cycles and women's circles

To rebalance living in a patriarchal society and working in an 'always on' masculine environment

Being in nature and living seasonally

Gardening, working in alignment with Mother Nature and spending time in the varied Norfolk countryside

Sound baths, reiki & chakra balancing

To rid the body of blocked energy, to channel good energy, and to promote rest and healing

Yoga and Pilates sessions in groups and alone

To mindfully and gently move my body in a way that is nurturing and supportive

Massage and Reflexology sessions

To heal and support the muscles throughout my body, to support chronic pain and to rest

Journalling with prompts and free writing

To engage with deeper feelings freely, to explore the subconscious and to process emotions

Feng Shui and intentional home décor

To bring a sense of order, nature and peace into my home through crystals and meaningful objects

Oracle card and tarot card readings

To connect with my intuition and interpretation of meaning in the cards, to give guidance and direction

A spiritual Norfolk small business

There’s nowhere like Norfolk. 

While Rock + Realm is a successful online business, shipping all over the UK, I cherish my local communities and truly love the connection with nature that Norfolk offers. While living in the creative and bustling city of Norwich, I take myself as often as possible to the beautiful Norfolk countryside. 

Inhaling the scents of the peaceful pine forests, trailing through wide green fields and listening to the waves at one of Norfolk’s incredible beaches are among my favourite things to do. 

You’ll find Rock + Realm at markets, events and pop ups all over Norfolk where I love to connect with my customers and small business colleagues. Follow Rock + Realm on Instagram or join our mailing list for our market locations and dates, I'd love to see you in person.

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