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Crystal Grid Set: Metatron's Cube

Crystal Grid Set: Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Set: Your Path to Stress Relief and Improved Sleep

Unleash the power of energy alignment with our Metatron Crystal Grid Set. Dive into the transformative world of crystal gridding with this meticulously curated collection, designed to alleviate stress, reduce anxiety, and promote restful sleep.

This crystal gridding kit is perfect for both beginners and experienced crystal enthusiasts. The Metatron Crystal Grid Set offers all the essential tools and crystals needed for your first grid and beyond.

Crystal gridding is a powerful method to amplify energies and manifest intentions. When the Metatron' Cube grid pattern is infused with the properties of Clear Quartz, Sodalite and Amethyst, it encourages tranquility, emotional balance and deep relaxation.

Simply place each stone on the wooden Metatron's Cube grid board to channel the collective energies of your crystals for a deeply calming and restorative experience.

What's Included in the Metatron's Cube Crystal Gridding Kit

  • 18cm Chunky Wooden Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Board: Expertly crafted for durability and beauty, this board features the sacred Metatron’s Cube pattern known for its powerful protective and balancing properties

  • Crystal Gridding Basics Guide: A comprehensive guide to help you get started with crystal gridding, offering tips to maximise the benefits of your grid

  • 1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Tumble: Amplifies intentions and magnifies the energy of other crystals within the grid formation, creating a harmonious energy flow

  • 6 x Sodalite Crystal Tumbles: Known for promoting calm and clarity, Sodalite helps reduce stress and anxiety, making it an essential component of your relaxation rituals.

  • 6 x Amethyst Crystal Tumbles: Renowned for its soothing and sleep-enhancing properties, Amethyst encourages restful sleep and spiritual connection.

  • 1 Cotton Bag with Metatron's Cube Design: Store your crystal grid board and crystals safely and stylishly

By integrating your Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Set into your spiritual wellness practices, you can harness its powerful energy to support your intentions for stress relief, emotional balance, and improved sleep, creating a life filled with peace and serenity.

Browse our Crystal Gridding collection for more crystals to use with your Metatron’s Cube Wooden Crystal Grid Board.

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Product Details

- 18cm wooden Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Board
- Crystal Gridding basics guide
- 1 x Clear Quartz Crystal tumblestone
- 3 x Sodalite Crystal tumblestones
- 3 x Amethyst crystal tumblestones

Note the picture represents the crystals you will receive, however as natural products they will vary in size and colour

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