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Pyrite Crystal Cluster - Extra Large

Pyrite Crystal Cluster - Extra Large

Crystals for confidence, abundance & protection

Experience the inspiring golden energy of this Extra Large Pyrite Cluster. Fill your home with its golden shimmer and let it foster feelings of confidence, success and empowerment. Activate your Solar Plexus energy and gain the courage to take control of your life. It's time to welcome abundance into your life...

An extra large metallic golden cluster of Pyrite Crystals from Peru. You will receive the cluster pictured.

Our customers think Pyrite is 'Crystal Perfection'

"We ordered a Pyrite Cluster and Rose Quartz Tower, which arrived quickly in beautifully presented packaging. Would not hesitate to use again for ourselves or for gifts." - Owen, UK Customer - Trustpilot 5 Stars

Pyrite Crystal Benefits

Pyrite crystal primary properties - Prosperity, Abundance, Confidence, Empowerment & Protection

This Pyrite Crystal Cluster is a powerful physical and metaphysical tool that helps to boost strength of mind, mental clarity and willpower. This extra large version of the cluster is ideal for using in your home work space or manifesting rituals.

- Encourages strength and leadership qualities

- Inspires creativity and confidence

- Stabilising and protective energy

- Invites prosperity, abundance and success

Pyrite Chakra Alignment -   Our Pyrite Crystal Cluster opens your Solar Plexus Chakra - your personal power centre. By balancing and opening this chakra you will feel more confident, empowered and motivated, giving you the strength to take control of your life.

How to benefit from your Pyrite Crystal Cluster

This Pyrite Crystal Cluster is the perfect size to decorate your living room or workspace with to benefit from its enlivening energy. Its protective qualities are known to defend against environmental pollution, negative energies and mental stress. 

- According to Feng Shui Law the far left hand corner of your home is your Wealth corner, therefore placing a Pyrite Crystal Cluster in this part of your home encourages prosperity & abundance

- Use Pyrite in combination with Bloodstone and Carnelian if you need an extra boost of energy and motivation

- Use Pyrite in combination with Tiger's Eye and Malachite for empowerment, confidence and success

- Use Pyrite in combination with Citrine and Clear Quartz if you want to increase abundance and prosperity in your life

Please note care instructions and avoid getting your Pyrite Cluster wet.

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Product Details

Extra Large Pyrite clusters approximate dimensions -

Weight: 160 - 200g
Size: 48 - 65 mm

Product Care

Caring for your crystals keeps them looking their best and their energy pure:
- Avoid direct sunlight for long periods
- Don't mix crystals of different hardness in the same container
- Regularly cleanse with smoke, selenite or water (if water safe)
- Regularly charge with clear quartz, selenite, sound, moonlight or sunlight

Pyrite crystals should not get wet as the iron content will cause them to rust and lose their shine. Please dust lightly to clean and cleanse with smoke or selenite,

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