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Your Simple Guide to Chakras + Crystals

Seven chakra images

The root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. These are the seven energy points in the body that make up the chakras.

I’m sure you’ve heard chakras mentioned before, especially if you do yoga, reiki or are already an avid crystal collector. In fact, it's hard to open up any magazines these days without being confronted with spiritual lingo like chakras, mindfulness, smoke cleansing or sound baths!


A row of women with each of the seven chakras lit up against the respective area of the spine


And I’m sure someone has told you at some point that you’ve got a chakra imbalance or blockage to explain why you're feeling out of sorts physically or emotionally.

Don’t worry if you just nod & smile and still have no idea what they’re talking about! I'm here to start to demystify chakras and their associations with crystals and crystal energies.

A woman meditates in a kneeling position with the chakra points highlighted with their respective Sanskrit symbols in a rainbow of colours


Chakras, crystals and mindful exercise together with self-improvement and relaxation techniques have become ever more popular recently. It's not surprising given modern life is becoming more hectic and a busy lifestyle can easily spill over into emotional stress and physical ailments.

So as I explore chakras and tap into their benefits through crystals, reiki and essential oils, I thought it would be good to share this simple but essential guide with you, so you can also explore new ways to focus your wellbeing practices and get more value from your crystal collection.

By becoming aware of your chakras, you can learn to relax more fully, heighten your consciousness and improve your health and wellbeing.


What are Chakras?

Chakra is an ancient meditation practice that originates from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel'. There are 7 chakras around your body, with 7 different centres of energy. Each chakra is connected to an area of the body and an emotional state. 

It is believed that by balancing these energies your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing will benefit. Wearing or carrying crystals that correspond to a particular chakra can help you align that chakra.

A rainbow of healing crystals for each of the chakras held in an open palm

You can use chakra crystals in a number of ways to benefit from their healing energies to open and align specific chakras:


Opening and balancing your chakras to live your best life

From our root to our crown, the seven chakra points running the length of our spine are a major highway for energy to flow. Through these seven sacred points we receive and send out all kinds of emotional, spiritual and physical energy.

When our chakras are blocked this can interrupt the flow of energy and can lead to an imbalance in our system which can have a negative effect on our holistic wellbeing.

Our aim is to have all the seven chakra points open, unblocked and flowing freely, so that we can stand in balance, be open to opportunity and thrive! When we are in full alignment we can live a life fulfilling our highest potential. 

A reiki practitioner uses crystal healing to align chakra points during a reiki sessionFortunately there are many things you can do to balance and maintain your chakra energy, some of which you are probably already doing.


Common healing techniques include eating healthily, reiki, meditation, yoga, essential oils, reflexology, mindful affirmations and crystals.

Reiki is a fantastic way to understand what’s going on with your chakras and where to focus your energy, which I wholeheartedly recommend trying. A reiki full body scan is particularly helpful if you are new to chakras as you’ll have the benefit of a trained practitioner to guide and support you. 

How do crystals help to balance or open my chakras?

Seven chakra healing crystal tumble stones in a rainbow of colours

For thousands of years, healing crystals have assisted in keeping chakras cleansed and open for vital energies to flow. Crystals are ideal to help shake loose any stagnant energy and heal your body, mind and spirit. Crystals can help us to spring clean our energetic systems and to make sure that we keep our inner house in harmony.

Crystals vibrate at different frequencies based upon their colours and form, which can be beneficial when you work with a crystal that resonates with the specific colour frequencies of a chakra.

For example the Throat Chakra resonates at the same frequency as the colour blue and therefore crystals to work with to balance and open the Throat Chakra are blue crystals like Sodalite, Fluorite or Apatite 

Multi-coloured chakra images for the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras

Your essential guide for the Seven Chakras

Chakra points explained by the key area of focus in your life

Now that you are more familiar with what chakras are and why you would want to spend time balancing and opening the energy flow between your chakras, let's take a closer look at each of the chakras in turn.

In this guide, I'll share the main features of each chakra, including the colour frequencies and elements it aligns to and what crystals and essential oils you could use to harmonise those frequencies.

The chakras should be understood as an energy flow similar to water flowing down a river. To get the most benefit from opening the energy flow you should focus on your chakras from root to crown. If your lower chakras are blocked or unbalanced, you will get little benefit from spending time connecting with your higher chakras, in the same way a dam at the start of a river system will prevent the water flowing to the ocean.

This simple chakra guide will step you through from the solid foundation of your root or first chakra sequentially until you reach the seventh chakra associated with your crown and spiritual enlightenment.



Root Chakra Sanskrit image for Muladhara

Muladhara or the Root chakra is considered the first chakra.

The Root chakra is connected to our feelings around safety and stability, the base or root of our hierarchy of needs, i.e. our survival instinct. The Root Chakra is the foundation of all other chakras and when given the right attention will give a solid platform to work on other areas of your life.

When your Root chakra opens you feel grounded and secure no matter what is going on around you, you are resilient to life's ups & downs and feel emotionally & physically strong and capable.

Mantra - I Am

Location - The base of the spine

Colour - Dark Red + Black

Element - Earth

Crystals to balance your Root Chakra have earthly vibes and protective powers -

Carnelian, SardonyxTourmaline, Jet, Obsidian, Shungite, Garnet, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Hematite

    Essential Oils to balance and open your root chakra - 

    Ginger, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Myrrh


    Sacral Chakra sanskrit image for svadhisthana

    Svadhisthana or the Sacral chakra is considered the second chakra.

    The Sacral chakra is our centre for pleasure and play, home to our sexual energy & fertility as well as our creative force.

    When your Sacral chakra opens you can access your playful inner child, express your desires and art without fear and invite joy into your life.  

    Mantra - I Feel

    Location - Just below the navel in the centre of the abdomen

    Colour - Warming orange and yellow

    Element - Water

    Crystals to balance your Sacral Chakra have warm nurturing or fun earthly energy -

    Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Aragonite, Tiger's Eye, Sunstone, peach moonstone

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Sacral chakra - 

    Ylang Ylang, Fennel, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Bergamot


    Solar Plexus Chakra Sanskrit image for Manipura

    Manipura or the Solar Plexus chakra is considered the third chakra.

    The Solar Plexus chakra is associated with your personal power, intellect, ambition and how you physically and emotionally hold space for yourself.

    When your Solar Plexus chakra opens you feel in control of your life, empowered, confident, follow your gut and feel super motivated.

    Mantra - I Act

    Location - The upper abdomen just below the breastbone in the center of the body

    Colour - Yellow + Gold

    Element - Fire

    Crystals to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra are sunny, bright and alive -

    Citrine, Golden Tiger's Eye, Golden Healer, Moonstone, Pyrite, Amber, Calcite, Yellow Jasper, Golden Rutilated Quartz

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Solar Plexus chakra - 

    Lemongrass, Rosemary, Juniper, Clary Sage, Lemon Balm


    Heart chakra Sanskrit image for Anahata

    Anahata or the Heart chakra is considered the fourth chakra.

    The Heart chakra is associated with balance, empathy and unconditional love.

    When your Heart chakra opens you experience a feeling of joy, compassion and interconnectedness with the world around you and you are quick to forgive others.

    Mantra - I Love

    Location - The centre of your spine level with your heart

    Colour - Green or Pink

    Element - Air

    Crystals to balance your Heart Chakra are soft, loving and rich in compassion -

    Bloodstone, Aventurine, Moss Agate, Amazonite, Jade, Green Apophyllite, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Kunzite, Pink Amethyst 

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Heart chakra - 

    Rose, Neroli, Thyme, Jasmine, Geranium, Cypress


    Throat Chakra Sanskrit image for Vishuddha

    Vishuddha or the Throat chakra is considered the fifth chakra.

    The Throat chakra is responsible for communication, self-expression and the ability to speak your truth.

    When your Throat chakra opens you are better able to communicate what you feel with clarity, compassion and fearlessness. When this chakra is in balance you will also be open to listening to and hearing others.

    Mantra - I Speak

    Location - The centre of your neck

    Colour - Blue

    Element - Ether

    Crystals to balance your Throat Chakra are gentle, calming and free flowing -

    Sodalite, Apatite, AquamarineCelestine, Fluorite, Labradorite, Sapphire, Blue Lace Agate, Azurite 

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Throat chakra - 

    Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Lime, Blue Tansy, Pine, Peppermint


    Third Eye Chakra Sanskrit image for Ajna 

    Ajna or the Third Eye chakra is considered the sixth chakra.

    The Third Eye chakra is about Intuition, understanding and enlightenment. 

    When your Third Eye chakra opens you are better able to connect with the present moment. When this chakra is in balance you feel perceptive, able to think clearly and make sound decisions.

    Mantra - I See

    Location - In the centre of your brow

    Colour - Purple & Indigo

    Element - Ether

    Crystals to balance your Third Eye Chakra are those that unleash your intuition and open your mind 

    Amethyst, Lepidolite, Fluorite, Iolite, Labradorite 

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Third Eye chakra - 

    Holy Basil, Frankincense, Laurel, Angelica, Melissa, Clary Sage


    Crown chakra Sanskrit image for Sahasrara

    Sahasrara or the crown chakra is considered the seventh chakra.

    The Crown chakra is about spiritual connection and transformation. 

    When your crown chakra opens you experience spiritual growth, wisdom and connection to higher consciousness. This in turn gives you a sense of unity, power and self-understanding.

    Mantra - I Know

    Location - Top of your head

    Colour - Violet & White

    Element - Spirit

    Crystals to balance your Crown Chakra are high vibrational and pure light - Selenite, Quartz, Apophyllite, Snow Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Calcite, Lodalite, Howlite

    Essential Oils to balance and open your Crown chakra - 

    Palo Santo, Linden, Lotus, Lavender, Frankincense


    Seven chakra images

    Where can I learn more about crystals and chakras?

    Chakra and Crystal healing are both tightly aligned and so you'll find a reference in our Crystal product descriptions to which chakra it is associated to and how you can benefit from its energy. 

    Crystals are also group into Chakra Collections so that you can easily find the right crystal if you are trying to balance a particular chakra and need the perfect crystal to work with.

    You can also learn more by exploring our library of wellbeing books.


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