Mindful Self Care Practices & Spiritual Rituals

Peach and blue crystals in a row with a spring of Lavender

Here are a sample of wellbeing practices I use regularly to support my mind, body and spirit:

Aromatherapy, essential oils and ritual cleansing baths

To ease stress, to uplift the mood, to aid focus, and to honour the turning of the seasonal wheel

Meditation, mindfulness and holotropic breathwork

To calm my mind, to connect with the present, to enable deep inner reflection and enlightenment

Tracking moon cycles and feminine cycles

To rebalance living in a patriarchal society and working in a masculine environment

Being in nature and living seasonally

Gardening, working with Mother Nature and spending time in the varied Norfolk countryside

Sound baths, reiki & chakra balancing

To rid the body of blocked energy, to channel good energy, and to promote rest and healing

Yoga and Pilates sessions in groups and alone

To mindfully and gently move my body in a way that is nurturing and supportive

Massage and Reflexology sessions

To heal and support the muscles throughout my body, to support chronic pain and to rest

Journalling with prompts and free writing

To engage with deeper feelings freely, to explore the subconscious and to process emotions

Feng Shui and intentional home décor
To bring a sense of order, nature and peace into my home through crystals and meaningful objects
Oracle card and tarot card readings
To connect with my intuition and interpretation of meaning in the cards, to give guidance and direction

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