Ethical Commitments

buy one product and Rock and Realm will plant one tree

Eden Reforestation: Buy 1 Product. Plant 1 Tree

In order to support our carbon offsetting ambitions we plant one tree for every product purchased, in partnership with The Good API and Eden Reforestation Projects

The trees planted through Eden Reforestation Projects bolster wildlife biodiversity, protect shorelines, generate reliable wages for local populations, and perhaps most importantly, cultivate Mangroves, a remarkable carbon absorber.

Our reforestation efforts return water, wildlife and leaf litter to damaged ecosystems, while also providing education and employment to those in need. Join us in creating a greener, healthier and more equitable world by planting 3 trees for only £1.


Overview of packaging sustainability values


Eco-Friendly Packaging

At Rock + Realm we are fully committed to using sustainable packaging wherever possible and will continue to find ways to keep improving this whilst ensuring your purchases arrive safely.

For example we use a variety of box and package sizes to ensure that we use the smallest possible reducing the carbon footprint of the delivery as much as possible.

All new packaging used is biodegradable or recyclable and where possible made from recycled sources too.

Recycled materials

Biodegradable materials 

  • Tissue Paper
  • Business Cards
  • Stickers
  • Jewellery boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Cotton Gift bags
  • Parcel Filling
  • Candle Jars
  • Packing tape
  • Boxes
  • Crystal information & thank you cards
  • Wax Melt wrappers
  • Incense boxes


Where this is not the case, i.e. bubble wrap or filler beans, these are reused from suppliers. We ask that you please also reuse or freecycle this material rather than send it to landfill.


 Rock + Realm Ethical product sourcing values


Consciously Sourced Products

We are committed to sourcing our products with fairness to people and the planet a top priority whilst ensuring we bring you high quality unique pieces. To achieve this, we have taken the time to get to know a limited number of suppliers who we trust and maintain strict quality control processes.

When sourcing crystals and minerals our main suppliers are based in the UK, South America, India and Europe. They are family run businesses with direct connections to miners and the local communities.  They all share our values to respect both the Earth and employees, minimising environmental disruption and ensuring fair pay and safe working conditions.

Our Olive Wood Bowls are made from ancient wood that has stopped fruiting and every tree is replaced by younger trees to maintain a fully sustainably Olive tree grove. These are then hand carved in Germany.

Our Palo Santo wood sticks are Sustainably Sourced in Northern Peru where they are traditionally, legally & ethically harvested. A Palo Santo tree lives for about 80 years and is only harvested once it has been dead for many years.


Support Small Independent Businesses

We collaborate with a number of other small independent businesses who share our values to be able to stock some beautiful hand crafted home decor and spiritual products:

Our crystal infused candles, room sprays and wax melts are created and hand poured in Essex, UK by the wonderful Janine of Omm & Co. Janine puts mental wellbeing and sustainability at the heart of her business, including a recycling initiative for your empty candle jars.

Our beautiful Stormy ceramics are designed and hand thrown in Norwich, Norfolk by the very talented Nathalie Hammond of By.Noo Ceramics.

Our Embroidered Forest Tarot and Oracle Cards created by the wonderful Alicia of The Embroidered Forest are based upon a hand-stitched embroidered art work and the entire pack takes up to a year of dedicated work to create. A real labour of love, which infuses each deck with such power and love. 

Our macrame decor and gifts are handcrafted by lovely Chelsie of Studio Dawn in the UK. Studio Dawn's ethos is Planet Friendly, Positive Impact, Accessible and Mindful. All packaging is reused, recycled or recyclable and all macrame cotton thread is 100% recycled and UK produced. 


Help our local community flourish

Our founder, Laura, is passionate about supporting local wellbeing businesses and helping her local community in Norwich and Norfolk access wellbeing tools and services more easily. She is currently a Non-Executive Director of Feel Good Norfolk a non-profit organisation whose aim is to

Improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with easily accessible tools, techniques, products, and services

Through her role in Feel Good Norfolk, Laura is able to support local wellbeing businesses to grow and thrive, build collaboratively relationships with other wellbeing warriors and ultimately help the local community in Norwich and Norfolk improve their wellbeing.

If you are based in Norfolk, you can become a member of the Feel Good Club to gain access to regular discounts, wellbeing tips and news on all the wellbeing events and services available in Norwich and Norfolk.

Feel Good Norfolk was awarded National Lottery funding in 2023 to establish monthly wellbeing hubs focussed on the under-served within the Norwich community. Laura is an active member of the team who are setting up and running the wellbeing hubs and is very pleased to have a tangible vehicle for giving back to her local community. Please contact us for more information.