The Rock + Realm Story

Hi, I’m Laura and I own & run Rock + Realm, an online Crystal, Jewellery & Home Accessories business based in Norwich, Norfolk UK.

I love styling interiors, exploring the world, gardening and spending time in the beautiful Norfolk countryside with my beloved dog and husband.

And, I’m deeply passionate about crystals, wellbeing practices and the spiritual realm.

I work full time in the corporate world and have always wanted to be mistress of my own destiny. The stars aligned in 2020 when the pandemic gave me the time and space to realise this long held dream to start my own business.

It means long long hours, but my passion and sense of purpose drive me forward and I get so much joy from helping people on their holistic wellbeing journeys.

I've always thought that every home should be filled with beautiful and meaningful pieces that tell the story of the people who live there. With every little detail a reflection of your personality, your history and your dreams. Your home represents the pages of the book of your life.

Adding elements of the natural world like crystals, plants and materials like wood & ceramic brings warmth, life and energy to a space; like hanging art on a freshly painted wall. And crystal energy in particular adds magic and joy into your life!

Rock + Realm was born as a way to share this passion, mother natures treasures and wellbeing inspiration with as many people as possible.

I'm hugely passionate about quality and maintaining the energetic integrity of the crystals I choose for you. It breaks my heart to see so much mass produced, cheap and questionable quality crystal products on the market today... knowing it's likely to have been ripped from Mother Earth with little care for the environment or the people in the supply chain.

That's why it's so important to me to only sell products that I would treasure in my own home, use regularly or wear with pride. And I take great care to mindfully source the most ethical, meaningful and top quality pieces for Rock + Realm. I also take considerable time to clean and energetically cleanse each piece on arrival, before sorting for size and quality. 

Having taken the time to cherish the crystals whilst they are in my guardianship, I really want you to feel a special connection from the moment you start unwrapping your new treasures. This is why I wrap every parcel as if it’s a gift for a loved one, with care, attention and a little drop of pure essential oil magic!

I’d love for you to become part of the Rock + Realm family. You’ll be treated to wellbeing & crystal guidance, special offers and be first to hear about new collections and blogs.

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