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Nurturing Nature: Our Commitment to Earth Day 2024 and Beyond

Hey, I'm Laura, the Founder of Rock + Realm, an ethical UK Spiritual Lifestyle brand known for responsibly sourced crystals and spiritual wellness tools. 

Nature has always been my go-to for grounding, inspiration and replenishment and with over two decades on my spiritual journey, I can vouch for its transformative power. 

As my small business embarks on another year of growth and transformation, I'm excited to reflect on our ongoing commitment to Mother Earth and the strides we've made in nurturing nature. At Rock + Realm, we believe that protecting our planet is not just a value but a responsibility.

Through strategic partnerships and dedicated efforts, Rock + Realm has taken significant steps towards sustainability and conservation. Join me as I delve into our journey over the past year, highlighting our collaboration with GoodAPI and Eden Reforestation, the importance of mangroves in Madagascar and our renewed commitment to sustainable working practices.

In this blog you'll discover - 

  • Why Nature is at the heart of Rock + Realm
  • The roots of our Partnership with GoodAPI and Eden Reforestation
  • Why Madagascar is so important to our planet and crystal community
  • Rock + Realm's Ongoing Commitment to Nature in 2024


Why Nature is at the Heart of Rock + Realm's Values

We are all connected: to nature, to each other and to the universe.

Through Rock + Realm, I invite you to explore your spiritual connection and relationship with nature, uncovering your authentic self and enhancing your overall wellbeing. Recognising our interconnectedness with nature allows us to draw strength and purpose from the world around us.

A spiritual woman walks through a meadow touching the long stemmed flowers in the sun

My goal with the business is to help you find balance and peace in your spiritual journey, but it's more than just individual wellbeing for me. Nature and Mother Earth are central to my values and I deeply respect their wisdom and healing energies.

I believe that fostering a harmonious connection with nature is crucial for both the planet and our spiritual growth—a journey that encompasses mind, body and spirit. And in understanding the interconnectedness of all things, we recognise our collective responsible for making a positive difference to nature, the environment and our local and global communities.

That's why, on Earth Day 2023, I made a commitment to minimise the impact of my business on the planet. And so, Rock + Realm not only offsets our carbon footprint, but also supports communities in Madagascar, where many of our Earth's treasures originate.

"Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, encouraging us to come together and take action for a healthier planet and brighter future." EARTHDAY.ORG

In April 2023, I proudly announced our partnership with GoodAPI and Eden Reforestation, a collaboration aimed at replenishing our planet's precious green spaces. With every purchase made at Rock + Realm, a portion of the proceeds goes directly towards tree planting initiatives.

As a beacon for spiritual wellness and responsible crystal sourcing, I've always held a deep reverence for nature. This Earth Day 2024, I'm thrilled to share the strides made in this ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and the exciting plans I have for the future.

Planting Hope Together: Buy 1. Plant 1. Madagascan Mangrove Reforestation

Madagascar isn't just the source of beloved crystals like Celestite and Rose Quartz; it's a biodiversity hotspot critical to global ecological health. And the Mangrove tree is a symbol of life and resilience, echoing our dedication to environmental conservation. Unfortunately, an uptick in deforestation took place in the early 2000s taking away 20% of the vital forests of this beautiful island nation. 

For every order you place, we embark on a journey of renewal and sustainability. Through a wonderful collaboration with The Good API and Eden Reforestation Projects, Rock + Realm plants one Mangrove tree for each order you place. 

I’m delighted to share that over the past year, we've collectively planted over 1000 trees in regions devastated by deforestation. These trees not only combat climate change but also provide vital habitats for countless species, supporting biodiversity and ecological balance.

Rock + Realm Tree Counting Tally

About Eden Reforestation Projects  

The Mangrove trees, nurtured through the impactful efforts of Eden Reforestation Projects, play a pivotal role in restoring and preserving our planet. They enhance wildlife biodiversity, safeguard shorelines and empower local communities by providing stable incomes.

"We work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change. We operate in 10 project countries, plant nearly a million trees per day, and maintain planting levels even when faced with civil unrest, extreme weather, wild animals, or other disruptions." Eden Reforestation Projects

Crucially, their initiative supports the growth of Mangroves, nature's extraordinary carbon absorbers, contributing significantly to our fight against climate change.

Support our Madagascan tree planting efforts with 2 Mangrove Trees.


Madagascar; A Tapestry of Environmental Diversity and Mother Earth's Crystal Garden

Amidst the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean lies the majestic island of Madagascar, a biodiversity hotspot like no other. Its lush rainforests, diverse ecosystems and unique wildlife make it a treasure trove of natural wonders. And it's not only a tapestry of environmental diversity, it's also the origin of many of our favourite crystals and minerals such as Ocean Jasper, Celestite, Labradorite and Rose Quartz, giving it an extra special place in the heart of our crystal community.

However, one of its most vital ecosystems often goes unnoticed: the mangroves.

Madagascan mangrove tree with fishes in the roots

Mangroves are coastal trees and shrubs that thrive in saltwater environments, forming dense forests along tropical coastlines.

In Madagascar, these mangrove forests play a crucial role in protecting the coastline from erosion, providing habitat for numerous marine species, and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Why Mangroves Matter: Spiritual, Cultural and Environmental Significance

The Mangrove trees, nurtured through our collaborative efforts with GoodAPI and Eden Reforestation Projects, play a pivotal role in restoring and preserving our planet. They enhance wildlife biodiversity, safeguard shorelines and empower local communities by providing stable incomes. 

Let's delve a little deeper into why mangroves matter, not only for their environmental importance but also for their cultural and spiritual significance. 

multicoloured chameleon lizard on a branch with forest in the background

1. Environmental Richness: Madagascar is like a treasure chest of nature, filled with plants and animals you won't find anywhere else on the planet. On top of the 8 species of lemurs only found here, Madagascar is home to 50% of the world’s chameleon species. And right in the heart of this biodiversity are the mangroves, playing a key role in supporting all kinds of life. By protecting Madagascar, we're helping to keep this natural treasure trove safe for future generations.

Fishing village with people, cattle, huts and boats by the shoreline

2. Cultural Heritage: In Madagascar and beyond, mangroves are more than just trees – they're part of people's lives and traditions. They're places where communities come together, share stories, and celebrate their heritage. By lending a hand to mangrove reforestation, we're helping to keep these cultural connections alive.

Tropical Fishes swimming in the roots of a mangrove tree

3. Ecosystem Engineers: Mangroves aren't just pretty scenery – they're hard workers too! Their root systems offer shelter and breeding grounds for fish and other species, contributing to coastal biodiversity. Plus, they help protect our coastlines from erosion, helping to tackle climate change.

Volunteers planting mangrove tree saplings in the soil on the coast of Madagascar

4. Carbon Absorbers and Climate Guardians: Mangroves, known as blue carbon ecosystems, are exceptional guardians in the fight against climate change. Their ability to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil helps mitigate the impacts of global warming. By actively supporting Mangrove reforestation, we contribute to a resilient climate and a healthier planet.

A long mangrove tree in silhouette against an amber sunset

5. Spiritual Sanctuary: Mangroves, with their intricate roots reaching into the Earth and branches reaching toward the heavens, embody a profound spiritual symbolism. In many cultures, they are revered as connectors between the terrestrial and the divine, symbolising resilience, adaptability and the cyclical nature of life. Choosing Mangroves for our reforestation efforts aligns with our commitment to fostering a spiritual connection with Nature, recognising the sacred interdependence between all living beings.

Pile of multicoloured and patterned ocean jasper crystal pebbles

6. Origin of Earth's Treasures: Madagascar is renowned as a treasure trove of crystals and minerals, thanks to its unique geological history. The island's diverse landscapes have given rise to crystals with distinct energies and aesthetics, enriching our responsibly sourced collection of gems and minerals. Among these are Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Celestite and Flower Agate—each offering unique properties that enhance our connection to the Earth and our inner selves. By preserving Madagascar, we ensure the conservation of these precious natural resources. 

Through Rock + Realm's responsible sourcing and reforestation efforts, we help maintain the balance and beauty of this incredible island, ensuring that its mineral treasures can continue to inspire and heal all who come into contact with them. This Earth Day 2024, I'm excited to take our commitment even further by focusing on reducing our plastic usage, a critical step towards safeguarding our planet's diverse ecosystems and reducing our environmental footprint.  


Rock + Realm's Ongoing Commitment to Nature in 2024: A Greener Future

At Rock + Realm, my connection to nature transcends business—it's a profound source of inspiration, healing and spiritual growth. And in 2024, my commitment to the natural world is stronger than ever, especially as I align my efforts with global movements like Earth Day to significantly reduce the use of plastics.

"For Earth Day 2024 on April 22nd, EARTHDAY.ORG is unwavering in our commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040." Earth Day Org

Plastic-free sign held over a background with trees and a river

Celebrating Earth Day 2024: A Pledge for Less Plastic

This Earth Day, the global theme is a bold move towards reducing plastic usage, with a call for a 60% reduction in all plastic production by 2040. At Rock + Realm, I'm inspired by this challenge and excited to escalate our eco-friendly initiatives. 

Did you know Rock + Realm is already 90% of the way to being plastic-free?

A plastic-free box of rock + realm products beautifully wrapped up

Paper tape, green jiffy bags, recycled cotton gift bags... even our ribbon is made from recycled bottles using solar energy and recycled water!

I'm so proud to announce that my small business is on the verge of becoming completely plastic-free, currently achieving a 90% milestone in eliminating plastic from its operations.

Sustainable Packaging: Our Eco-Friendly Practices

My desire for a planet-friendly business is reflected in all the product and packaging choices I make, which are designed not only to protect your precious purchases but also to respect Mother Earth:

An eco-friendly wrapped parcel of rock and realm products including crystals, a candle and book
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: I use paper or plant-based tape, recycled paper inserts and green jiffy bags. The acid-free tissue paper and recycled cotton gift bags are sourced with sustainability in mind. 
  • Mindful Packaging: I believe that opening a package from Rock + Realm should be an experience in itself. Each order is packed with care, intended to give you the joy of unwrapping a beautiful gift that is both sustainable and planet-friendly. All gifting options are recycled or recyclable and I choose the highest quality so you'll love to reuse bags and boxes for years to come. 
  • Optimised Packaging: I've eliminated the need for individual crystal information cards, opting instead to provide as much information online to reduce waste. Even the parcels are efficiently sized to minimise our carbon footprint and eliminate the need for unnecessary filler materials - yes, that's why I use as small a box as possible!
  • Towards 100% Plastic-Free: While I'm striving to eliminate plastic entirely, I currently repurpose packaging materials from suppliers and my personal deliveries. This includes all bubble wrap and filler beans, which I reuse to ensure they don't end up in landfills. 
Planet friendly recyclable packaging

Rock + Realm's existing eco-conscious practices have laid a strong foundation that I'm dedicated to building upon this Earth Day, by exploring even more ways to eliminate plastics and minimise waste. 

In 2022, I stopped including paper invoices in your parcels and in 2024 I'll be introducing a new initiative at checkout that allows you the choice to opt-out of all paper inserts, further reducing unnecessary paper use.

I'm also continuing to seek out suppliers who are committed to reducing their use of plastic packaging, so I'm optimistic that you'll see fewer parcels with plastic bubble wrap and filler going forward.

I'm hopeful that with these additional sustainability measures and continuing my existing mindful and responsibly sourcing practices that Rock + Realm will be 99% plastic-free by Earth Day 2025!

An overhead shot of parcels filled with Kraft paper parcel filler


My journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and every step taken is aimed at creating a positive impact on both the environment and our wonderful community.

As I reflect on the remarkable journey of Rock + Realm throughout the past year, I'm filled with gratitude for the collective efforts that have led to the planting of over 1,000 trees in Madagascar, a testament to our Earth Day 2023 commitment. These trees stand as symbols of hope and resilience, not only combating climate change but also nurturing the biodiversity that makes Madagascar a jewel of the natural world. 

As Earth Day 2024 arrives, I'm excited to announce our new commitment: to push the boundaries of sustainability and achieve 99% plastic-free operations.

I invite you to join me on this path of renewal and hope. By supporting Rock + Realm, you're not just investing in your spiritual wellbeing; you're also part of a movement towards a more sustainable future.

Together, let's continue to make a positive impact on our environment and communities, ensuring that the treasures of our Earth, like those from Madagascar, can continue to inspire and heal for generations to come.


Inspired to help our causes or learn more?

I hope that you've found the blog informative and inspirational. If you're moved to take more action to support our endeavours with reforestation or plastic reduction, please explore the following links for more information and ways to help.

Support our Madagascan tree planting efforts with 2 Mangrove Trees

Learn more about Rock + Realm's Ethical Commitments

Discover more about Eden Reforestation Projects work in Madagascar

Read more about Earth Day Org and their 2024 mission to reduce plastics

Sign the Global Plastics Treaty Petition


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Great article, thank you for sharing everything you’re doing to support sustainability. I genuinely feel the passion you have for protecting our beautiful planet and I love being able to add extra trees when I buy my crystals from you. Amazing crystals and planet friendly, what’s not to love!

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