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How to incorporate crystals into your wellbeing practices

Sparkly, colourful and full of magical promise. You're curious about the power of healing crystals, but are unsure where to start. In the Crystals 101 series of articles, I'll explain everything you need to know about crystals and minerals but are afraid to ask.

I'm Laura, the Founder of Rock + Realm and self-proclaimed crystal addict and crystal nerd! I've been running my Norwich based ethical crystal business for about 3 years, during which time I've built up a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom about the do's and don'ts of buying, using and caring for crystals and minerals.

I remember only too well how daunting it is when you first dip your toe into the realm of crystals and spiritual healing. But don't worry, I'm here to set you on the right path and give you the tips you need to confidently buy, care and benefit from crystals as part of your wellbeing journey. 

In this blog, I'll cover more on how you can benefit more from the magical energies of your crystals by incorporating them into simple wellbeing practices from mindfulness to self care pampering regimes.

  • How do crystals improve our wellbeing
  • Using crystals to calm your anxiety
  • Crystals for mindfulness and meditation
  • How to use crystals with essential oils
  • More wellbeing practices to enhance with crystal energies


How do crystals improve our wellbeing?

Crystals… they’re just pretty rocks, right?! 

Well yes, they are most definitely pretty and I’d highly recommend incorporating them into your home decor as a wonderful way to bring Mother Nature into your interior decor scheme. But, they are so much more than just a pretty face.

Even if you are just balancing a quartz cluster on a pile of books to give your coffee table a more boho feel, you’ll be indirectly benefiting. Firstly our environment plays a huge role in how we feel, as I’m sure you’ve experienced first hand when you’ve redecorated or decluttered and felt your mood instantly uplifted. And secondly, it’s all about the vibes.

OK, here’s the ‘science bit’… Everything in this universe is made up of atoms that vibrate at specific frequencies, including us. When you’re well and happy your energetic vibration is harmonised, but when you are ill or unhappy these vibrations become unbalanced. 

Crystals have the most orderly structure in nature and that’s why they have the most balanced energetic vibrations. The highly organised structure of crystals creates balanced energetic vibrations that help return your natural energy field to a healthy vibrational frequency. Different crystals vibrate at different frequencies and so their benefits vary.

You can tap into these healing vibes by incorporating crystals into your home, wardrobe and wellbeing practices. 

When I asked my Instagram family over 80% of people said they used crystals as part of their self care routine at least some of the time, with 40% regularly incorporating crystals into their wellbeing practice.

Most people said that they prefer to use conscious placement of crystals in their home or by wearing crystal jewellery to benefit from their healing energy and that they would love to learn more about other ways of using their crystals. 

So, here’s my top tips on how incorporating crystals into your daily wellbeing practices can help bring you back into balance and help you manage stress.


Crystals make perfect worry stones or fidget toys

When I’m nervous or anxious, I get fidgety, really fidgety. I’m sure you’re the same. I pick at my fingernails, chew the end of my pen or fiddle with whatever I have to hand. Occupying my hands seems to help balance out some of the nervous energy and distract some part of my brain.

Pale pink gemmy rose quartz crystal oval worry stone pinched between thumb and fingersNow I have crystals in my life, I find them infinitely better to reach for at times like these. Having a cool solid crystal to roll around my hand, feel it’s texture, lumps and bumps and gaze at it’s pretty colours occupies my mind and grounds me back in the present.

On top of their energetic vibes, crystals used like this are serving as a mindfulness tool, keeping your hands and mind distracted from what’s causing your worry so you can re-centre yourself. Combining this with several deep slow breaths will help to lower your heart rate and help your gather your thoughts.

You can find crystals carved specifically into worry stones, for exactly this purpose - little oval discs with a slight indent for your thumb, which work really well and feel lovely, flat and smooth in your hand.

crystal tumblestones made of selenite, quartz, smoky quartzMy preference, however, is the humble tumblestone. These small but mighty crystals are the perfect size for your pocket (or bra!), so are really easy to take with you when you’re on the move. They also come in a range of sizes so you can find a size that most comfortably fits in your hand. You’ll even get the benefit of the crystal’s energy whilst it’s in your pocket, so that’s twice the help!

A pretty and practical way to incorporate tumblestones into your routine, is by keeping them in a bowl on your desk or in your hallway. Then you can reach in and select the crystal that you feel you need most when you find the stress starting to build or on your way out of the house. 


Using crystals in meditation or mindfulness

Meditation, mindfulness, intention setting…  no idea where to begin?

You’ve read about the benefits. You’re keen to give it a go. But, now what?

My advice with any new practice, like meditation, is to start small. Don’t expect to reach transcendental Nepalese Monk level on your first attempt.

You can use crystals a number of ways in meditation; holding a stone in your hand, resting specific stones on your chakra points or placing them around your body or on a table near by. 

If you're new to meditation though, I think you'll like this really simple mindfulness exercise… 

1. Choose a crystal you’re drawn to (not too big)

2. Settle comfortably with your crystal and take 3 deep breaths

3. Now look closely at the crystal and consider what you notice about its appearance. Its size, shape, colour, does it have any inclusions, unusual markings or rainbows.

3. Next close your eyes and focus on how it feels in your hand… it’s weight, the texture, is it smooth, rough, solid or delicate.

4. After a moment, just hold the crystal and breathe deeply. What do you notice now, does the crystal feel warm or cold in your hand. Do you feel any pulsing or vibration from it. Do you feel calmer, refreshed or more energised?

5. When you are ready, open your eyes, stretch and come back to normal awareness.

This is a great way to connect with your crystals and bring your focus back to the present moment. 

It’s a simple as that.


Using crystals with essential oils

I've been using Aromatherapy enthusiastically since my early 20s when essential oils played a key part in my recovery from stress, burn out and depression.

I still use aromatherapy in nearly all aspects of my self care routine - lavender oil on my pillow, oil blends in my office diffuser, bath oils, face oils, applied to pulse points... you get the idea, I love essential oils.

If you've ever bought something from Rock + Realm, you'll know I also like to pop a drop of oil in your packages to uplift your senses as you unwrap your new treasures.

There’s a lovely synergy using crystals and essential oils together as both are part of the earth’s natural healing system. Each one is effective on its own but together, they’re incredibly powerful.

So, how can you combine the super powers of aromatherapy oils with the super powers of crystals?

You can diffuse your oils while you hold a crystal and meditate with it or try one of these simple ways to use crystals and oils together...

  • Matching the energies and properties of your pocket crystal with your pulse point oil
  • Using rough crystals as an essential oil diffuser by placing a few drops of oils on your chosen stones placed in a bowl. Select porous water safe crystals such as Amazonite or Sodalite.
  • Pop a couple of tumblestones in your oil diffuser water before you add the oil.
The trick with using essential oils and crystals together is to harmonise the properties of each so that you get twice the benefits. To get you started why not try these complementary pairings of crystals and essential oils:

    Crystals and aromatherapy


    • Relax + Sleep easy - Lavender oil with amethyst
    • Stress relief - Clary Sage with Howlite
    • Happiness + optimism - Sweet Orange or Bergamot with Citrine
    • Hormonal Balance - Geranium with peach moonstone
    • Refresh + uplift - Lemongrass with Amazonite


    More ways to use crystals into your wellbeing practices

    I love how versatile crystals are when it comes to holistic wellbeing practices. You really can incorporate them into anything with enough imagination!

    Some other things to try are

    • Use crystals in massage - either roll a crystal sphere between your palms for some simple hand reflexology, or use a massage wand or roller
    • Use crystals in or around your bath - the ancient Egyptians were the first to use rose quartz in their bath tubs for it’s rejuvenating qualities
    • Use crystals in your beauty routine - gua sha and face rollers made of crystals are perfect for face massaging

    Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought and you’ll explore how to benefit from your crystals even more than appreciating their incredible good looks!


    Loved our article on using crystals in your wellbeing practices?

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