Five steps to energetically cleanse your home featuring crystal cleansing with palo Santo

5 steps to Energetically Spring Clean your home

Spring has sprung, which means it's time to throw open the windows and get ready for a new season! 

Our environment has a huge role to play in how we feel and so a great way to uplift our mood is to improve the space we live in. 

Don't worry, you don't need to embark on a huge home renovation or even open a tin of paint... changes as simple introducing fresh flowers or opening your windows will have a positive effect on your mindset.

Many of us are feeling flat, stuck in a rut and low on energy after the winter months. So follow these 5 simple steps to energetically spring clean your home and reclaim a positive frame of mind!

A women with her hands outstretched in a lavender field 

STEP ONE - Clean & tidy your home...

I'm sorry, it's not a spring clean without some actually cleaning! Divide and conquer by assigning tasks to everyone you live with or break it down into bite size chunks by going room by room. Whack on your favourite uplifting tunes and you'll have your home looking spick and span before you know it.

Don't just hide away the things you no longer need, use or love... remember that one man's junk is another's treasure!

Clothes and bric a brac are always welcome at your local charity shop, Olio is a fantastic app for giving your surplus to your neighbours (including food!!) and you'll find local donation points collecting for Ukraine on Google.


STEP TWO - Refresh your houseplants... 

Improve your wellbeing by refreshing your plants

Houseplants start to look a bit shabby after months of dim light and central heating, so they benefit from a pamper session as much as you do. 

Trim their dead leaves, give them a lovely drink with a spot of baby bio and position them to make the most of all the extra sunlight. Check to see which could do with repotting next time you're in the mood for a spot of gardening.

If you look after you leafy babies, they'll look after you too! 

The greenery from indoor plants creates a calm space and did you know, the roots and soil of houseplants reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

Add these plants to naturally improve the air quality of your home - Boston Ferns, Ficus, Spider Plants, Rubber Plants and Snake Plants.

Row of houseplants in their ceramic pots in the sun

STEP THREE - Let in the light... 

Open your windows and let the fresh air circulate... extra points for cleaning your windows to let in extra light!

Light from a window illuminates a cosy living room sofa


Studies consistently show that our ability to produce Vitamin D drops during the winter, with levels at their lowest in March. So, on top of getting outside more now the weather is better, increasing the light levels in your home is just as crucial for your health this month.


STEP FOUR - Cleanse the energy...

When things feel glooming and heavy, my favourite way to change the energy of my home is with a smoke or sound cleanse. 

Use Palo Santo to smoke cleanse the energy in your home

I love the aromatic scent of Palo Santo more than Sage, however I'd recommend trying both to see where your preference lies. And incense is just as good as a stick or bundle, if you don't like either.

Go room by room, wafting the smoke around the edges, windows and especially the corners. Have in mind the intention to cleanse any negativity and invite positivity back into your home. Say it out loud for maximum effect!

Where using smoke isn't practical, a singing bowl or chime bells are a great alternative used in exactly the same way.

And if this all feels a little too new age for you, don't worry, you can achieve a similar energetic shift by lighting some candles, playing music or singing!


STEP FIVE - Recharge your crystals... 

You may already have a regular crystal cleansing regime or you might be a bit more casual in your approach (like me!). There's a number of ways you can cleanse and recharge the energy of your stones, just make sure you check if they are water safe or not before choosing.

Rule of thumb - if the name ends in an 'ite' don't get it wet!

Recharge the energy of your crystals to improve your wellbeing

When I get new water safe crystals I tend to use running water to cleanse them and set their intention as the movement of the water awakens their energetic flow whilst washing any negativity away.

Selenite is great to keep collections of crystals clean and charged, however let's be honest, it's not practical to have the amount of selenite needed for large collections!

This is why my go to methods for large collections and seasonal cleansing is Smoke or Sound. And they have the added benefit that you can cleanse your home at the same time as your crystals.


Are you feeling fresh as a Spring daisy?

Well done if you've followed all 5 steps!

I hope you're now full of the joys of spring and have a light and positive space to relax in.

Don't forget to add a vase of Flowers.


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